Why does music sound so good when you’re high?

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Why does music sound so good when you're high?

Why does music sound so good when you’re high?

Why does music sound so good when you’re high?

listening to music is one of the greatest pleasures in life

A familiar song suddenly becomes clear and the music takes on a dimension you’ve never noticed before.

is there a scientific explanation for this phenomena

researchers have identified several reasons that cannabis can enhance the perception of music

Cannabis can have a profound effect on the perception of time

And time is in essential element of music

Not only can weed make it seem like your favorite song is going on forever but the space between the notes can also seem to stretch out and review hidden detail and patterns

Additionally echo and reverb can enhance the perception of time and space

Which might explain stoner predilection for trippy music.


Studies carried out to see why does music sound so good when you’re high

A study in 1974 found that hearing thresholds above 6000 hertz can improve after consuming cannabis in another words you can become more sensitive to higher sonic frequencies after getting stoned

Also because high frequencies provide the brain with information regarding the spatial location of sound sources

cannabis can have the effect of enhancing the stero field and clarity of the music

One participants in the study said:

“When I’m stoned the sounds also move back and forward in my head so I experience a beautiful three-dimensional sound space”

Another study found that cannabis consumption improved participants speech perception rate

some participants reported that pot could help them understand the lyrics of songs that they couldn’t understand when sober

researchers also found that around half of subjects who consumed high doses of cannabis experienced synesthetic associations

For example, colors or visual images are synchronized to sounds

In yet another experiment researchers monitored the brain waves of subjects who were listening to music while stoned.

The scientists saw increased alpha wave activity on the EEG scans of the stoned listeners

This increased alpha wave activity was similar to that of gifted individuals performing problem solving tasks in intelligent studies

The study also found out that the combo of cannabis and music stimulated the right hemisphere of the brain

The side responsible for emotions, intuition and imagination.

Furthermore, this may well explain some of the powerful emotional connections reported by music loving stoners

But you don’t need to fully comprehend the science behind cannabis to truly appreciate it’s effects

Just kick back, Get high and throw in your favorite record


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