The Theory Behind Musical Goosebumps

The Theory Behind Musical Goosebumps

The Theory Behind Musical Goosebumps

The Theory Behind Musical Goosebumps

By the end of this article you should have the answers to the following questions:

  • What causes goosebumps from music?
  • Is getting goosebumps from music rare?
  • What is it called when you get chills from music?

Now without much talk let’s dive into it

Firstly, do you ever feel a jolt of electricity whenever you’re listening to a song and the singer goes on a high note

Well this sensation goes by many names

Some call it Frisian, others say it’s “The chills

However, most of the time people just call it goosebumps

It feels a lot like a small shock because it actually is!

When you hear something that takes your breath away your brain releases several powerful chemicals

These chemicals they increase your heart, rate raise your temperature and make your skin more conductive to electricity

So when you’re never system sends out an electric signal it stimulates tiny muscles at the base off each hair on your skin

This is what gives it that bumpy look

Most of the time goosebumps aren’t a good thing

You get them when you are stressed scared or cold

But musical goosebumps come directly from your emotions

Whenever something amazes or moves you your nervous system starts sending out electrical signals

Your hair stands on end because you are invested in the music

However, not everyone from guess musical goosebumps

A study from 2016 shows that people who tend to get them have more developed auditory and prefrontal cortexes

So if you favorite songs give you the chills then you may have an understanding of music than most people


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