Can Music Enhance Your Taste?

Can Music Enhance Your Taste

Can Music Enhance Your Taste?

Can Music Enhance Your Taste?

By the end of this article you should have the answers to the following questions:

  • Does music affect your taste buds?
  • What is Cognitive Priming?
  • What does someone’s music taste says about them?

Okay I know what you’re thinking

How the frigging way can music affect my taste buds?

Well lets break it down for you!

In 2012 researchers discovered that listening to music while eating or drinking can enhance the taste

In this study participants drank for types of wine while listening to different genres of music

Across the board participants enjoyed each wine more when it was paired with a specific song

This study is just one of many examples of something called “Cognitive Priming”

Cognitive Priming is when one stimulus affects the way you respond to a subsequent stimulus

For example you are shown the picture of a cat you will identify related words like pet faster than unrelated words like Moon or Car

The initial picture gets you thinking about a specific subject so that it’s easier to recall relevant information

In other words it’s easier to think about cats if you are already thinking about cats

Cognitive Priming works the same way for your taste buds

If you hear a mellow song then drink chamomile tea your drink will seem more relaxing

How this works is that the music primes your brain to feel a specific thing

This means that your food will taste better when the flavor matches the atmosphere

However, that means the opposite is true too

If you drink you tea with a heavy metal song or Jam blasting in the background you won’t feel nearly as relaxed


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