Can Music Alter Time?

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Can Music Alter Time

Can Music Alter Time?

Can Music Alter Time?

The right music can change the way you perceive time.

Think way back to the last time you stood in line or sat on hold

You might remember some forgettable blend of piano and strings or a ukulele laid over tropical bongos

These songs are bland and boring but that’s the point.

This strange genre dates way back to the early 1900’s

A composer named Erik Sati wrote the first collection of intentionally forgettable songs

He called it furniture music but you probably know it as background or elevator music

Sati created songs that no one would notice, that people would here without really listening to

This music will never inspire you or get you on your feet

It won’t strike a cord or make you cry

Background music is designed to simply fill space

It’s there to prevents the discomfort of complete silence

People claim they like peace and quiet but silence is not something many people actually enjoy

It puts us in edge, it creates an eeire vibe that inspires anxiety and fear

Even if you’re not scared of it silence still feels awkward

Is that how you want your customers to feel as they browse through your store?

Sure you groan when the same acoustic riff plays for the 25th time but that music has a subtle yet powerful effect on your brain

It balances your mood with cheerful ensembles

Some songs make you feel like you’re on vacation, your attitude shifts becoming more carefree and optimistic

The happier you are the more money you will be willing to spend

The science behind this is a little more complicated

As we go about our daily lives our brains are taking in countless new stimuli

Few places are more perceptually overwhelming than stores and malls

We’re constantly absorbing every sight, sound and smell we come in contact with

Each new sensation makes it much harder to stay focused

Background music takes advantage of our brains inability to concentrate

It provides a constant stimulus that clouds our judgement

In other words you’re more likely to spend more money on new shoes because you were thinking about too many different things

But your rational isn’t your only brain function that suffers

Background music alters your perception of time

While you’re standing in line music subtly distracts and entertains you

You unconsciously start to split your attention between the music and how long you’ve been waiting

Since you’re only thinking about the wait half as much it seems to go buy faster

So the next time someone puts you on hold don’t let some mindless melody mess with your head

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