Aewon Wolf The Return Album Tracklist

Aewon Wolf The Return Album Tracklist

Aewon Wolf The Return Album Tracklist

Aewon Wolf The Return Album Tracklist

Firstly, The Return Album by Aewon Wolf Tracklist: Aewon Wolf reveals “The Return Album” Tracks.


Moreover, The Album is going to be Dropping 17th of January 2020.


The Return Album Tracklist Tracks

  • 1. Aewon Wolf – The Return (Prologue)
  • 2. Aewon Wolf – Jomo Sono Freestyle (Intro)
  • 3. Aewon Wolf – Joe Publicist (Skit 1)
  • 4. Aewon Wolf – Cool Kids
  • 5. Aewon Wolf ft Masandi – Thandolwami
  • 6. Aewon Wolf – Something Special
  • 7. Aewon Wolf – Joe Publicist (Skit 2)
  • 8. Aewon Wolf – Situation (P.S.A)
  • 9. Aewon Wolf – Situation
  • 10. Aewon Wolf – Joe Publicist (Skit 3)
  • 11. Aewon Wolf – The Gospel (Perfect 2.0)
  • 12. Aewon Wolf – Hide
  • 13. Aewon Wolf – Stay Away Freestyle (Outro)

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